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We Offer Gymnastics Classes From 18 Months to High School
We Have Competitive Gymnastics Boys and Girls Teams

Current Hours
Monday 4-7:30, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 4-8:15
​Friday 4-9:pm  Saturday 9:00am-12:00pm

Friday Nights 7pm-9pm 
Last Open Gym Friday May 25th!

Please have a waiver signed by parent/guardian

Why Gymnastics? Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle, Self confidence, Work Ethic, Politeness, Social Skills, Performance, Discipline, Strength Development, Overcoming Fears, Coordination, Determination, Compassion and Flexibility. 

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  1. " We didn't know what to do with my son's energy so we took him to a gymnastics class...4 years later he is on the Competitive Team, the Coach/Owner of MN Valley has given our son more than gymnastics knowledge, we see the confidence and his passion, and dedication grow every day"
  2. "We had my son's birthday party at MN Valley Gymnastics. It was great, instead of just an open gym the coach guided the children through different stations and everyone had a blast." Thanks!
  3. " This is THE place to go for men's gymnastics! The coaches are awesome - supportive, tough, fun and fair. There are a ton of boys here so they aren't second class to the girls' teams like in so many gyms. The older boys set amazing examples for the younger boys and are wonderful role models. Very happy we made the switch! My son loves it!"